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    News Archive for July 2020

    BVN wins Sydney’s City Tattersalls Club redesign competition

    BVN has won the right to redesign Sydney’s iconic 125-year-old City Tattersalls Club.

    Why NSW is skewing its tax system toward build-to-rent apartments and away from mum and pop landlords

    In an apparent about face, the NSW government has halved land tax for developers of build-to-rent housing.

    Travertine tiles: Top 5 travertine stone tiles available in Australia

    Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed by mineral deposits from natural springs. This sedimentary stone is created by a rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, known as calcite.

    Men's Sheds

    There’s a well-known saying in mental health circles that goes: “Women talk face to face and men side by side”. Shoulder to shoulder, as it were, which is the adage of the peak organisation for one of our great inventions.

    XTU inserts skyscrapers along weaving country roads to imagine a linear city

    The Ribbon City by XTU Architects is a model of linear city development inspired by the shape of the first villages that were built along traffic routes.

    Amateur architecture studio’s works on contemporary Chinese architecture with recycled materials

    Over the past two centuries, cities in China have multiplied and expanded on a large scale, under accelerated urbanisation.

    The importance of regular cooling tower maintenance

    Regular maintenance of cooling towers ensures health and safety, performance, durability, efficiency and compliance.

    Engineered timber floors maximise coastal experience at boutique hotel

    Engineered timber flooring from Plank Floors was installed in the public areas of a boutique hotel in Cronulla during its refurbishment.

    Kaunitz Yeung Architecture unveil Newman’s first Aboriginal health clinic

    Sydney-based Kaunitz Yeung Architecture has officially opened the Puntukurnu Aboriginal Medical Services (PAMS) Newman clinic, the first Aboriginal health clinic in the remote town of Newman, located 1200kms north of Perth.

    Social housing, aged care and minorities: how coronavirus affects already disadvantaged groups

    While it’s true anyone is at risk of catching and becoming ill with COVID-19, it’s becoming increasingly clear this virus discriminates.

    DGL Colour Selector available now

    Dulux Powder Coatings presents the DGL Colour Selector, showcasing Duralloy, Duratec, Electro and Fluoroset powdercoat ranges available from their core range.

    Reflective metallic screens provide privacy and views at iconic Sydney apartments

    Verosol Australia supplied blinds made from Silverscreen 205, a highly reflective fabric with a metallised backing for installation at the Bennelong Apartments in Sydney.

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