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    News Archive for November 2020

    Melbourne Airport is going to be as busy as Heathrow, so why the argument about one train line?

    Public discussion of rail links to airports has been narrowly focused on the idea of a single line and where to run it. In Melbourne, the politics of this debate has so far prevented a railway from being built, because it is not possible for one line to meet all of the landside access needs of the airport. The issue of rail access for a new western Sydney airport has also not been resolved.

    Kaunitz Yeung's work with Aboriginal communities rewarded with 2020 Reconciliation Prize

    The Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter 2020 Reconciliation Prize has been awarded to Sydney practice Kaunitz Yeung Architecture for their work in remote Aboriginal communities.

    NGV Contemporary gets VIC Government’s nod for funding

    The Victorian Government has announced their commitment to fund the construction of Australia’s largest gallery of contemporary art and design, NGV Contemporary.

    $1.46B funding approved for Melbourne Arts Precinct Transformation project

    The Victorian Government has approved funding for the $1.46B Melbourne Arts Precinct Transformation project, the outdoor component of which will be designed by Hassell + SO–IL.

    Sentinel launches 3rd Australian Build-to-Rent development

    The Scarborough project is planned as a 17,221-square-metre mixed-use development featuring a single 21-storey Build to Rent tower atop a 3-storey commercial podium.

    Energy and buildings – New technology lights the way

    Energy and how we use it is central to the story of how we should be designing our buildings. In fact, it should also be central to our way of life.

    Con-Serv’s Antimicrobial range creating safer healthcare environments

    Con-Serv continues their ongoing commitment to developing innovative healthcare solutions with the introduction of an Antimicrobial range to support this growing demand.

    Buchan-designed M-City and the 20-minute neighbourhood

    Based on the 20-minute neighbourhood concept, the Buchan-designed M-City is a cluster of three 12-storey residential apartments, retail precinct, hotel, entertainment complex, hospitality offerings and an eight-storey office building.

    Timber cladding creates warm welcome at Dusk Australia’s retail stores

    The lighter tones perfectly complement the Dusk Australia brand aesthetic while meeting the brief of creating a warm welcome upon entrance.

    Curtin University’s ‘Living Lab’ showcases sustainable building concept

    Curtin University’s new Legacy Living Lab (L3) is a modular building designed using principles of the circular economy – an environmentally-friendly concept that aims to ‘design out’ waste by including as much recycling and re-use of materials as possible.

    Think taxing electric vehicle use is a backward step? Here's why it's an important policy advance

    The South Australian and Victorian governments have announced, and New South Wales is considering, road user charges on electric vehicles. This policy has drawn scorn from environmental advocates and motor vehicle lobbyists who fear it will slow the uptake of less-polluting vehicles.

    Grimshaw-led team strikes gold with Sovereign Hill Master Plan

    Grimshaw has led a team of experts to create a 20-year staged Master Plan for Sovereign Hill, one of Victoria’s most valuable tourism icons that will provide a space that brings together traditional and contemporary practices.

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