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    News Archive for June 2009

    Adbri Masonry - A green leader in Australian Masonry

    Adbri Masonry has adopted sustainability action plans across the business in accordance with Adelaide Brighton’s commitment to being an environmentally active company.

    Bird Guard Barrier Systems from ANC Bird Control

    Bird Guard Barrier Systems from ANC Bird Control are a complimentary exclusion system with the primary purpose of stopping small birds accessing roof areas.

    Stackaway 335 sliding and stacking door hardware from Hillaldam

    Available from Hillaldam the top hung sliding and stacking hardware is suitable for aluminium and timber door applications.

    Evertuff recycled plastic profiles available from Moodie Outdoor Products

    Available from Moodie outdoor products, Evertuff is a composite wood/plastic beam, manufactured from recycled co-mingled granulated materials.

    Window Cleaning Professionals use NanoCoat Clear glass protective coating

    Window Cleaning Professionals Pty. Ltd. is a market leader in cleaning and maintaining complex and difficult to access sites.

    Otis Elevator Co introduce the LINK escalator

    Otis Elevator Co introduce the LINK escalator, a commercial escalator with modern design, advanced processes and innovative technology to provide safe and reliable performance for extended periods of time.

    Water conservation methods used in the manufacturing of Adbri Masonry’s pavers and concrete blocks

    Adbri Masonry have integrated water conservation methods into the manufacture of their pavers and concrete blocks.

    Red tape strangling Rudd's health projects

    Lengthy approval times are limiting the design success of Rudd's health stimulus package developments in the same way that education projects have suffered, an industry professional has said.

    Architects have pulling power, say scientists

    The future of Australia's green economy lies in the hands of architects to lead innovations in carbon efficient designs, a scientist tells Architecture & Design.

    Rant on

    Could Moussavi be a conservative modernist in both his architectural influences and his politics? Is the term "starchitect" demeaning? Has design become over-contextualised?

    Figure hug

    Everyone loves a good statistic. We look at how the industry is building by numbers.

    New home sales drop

    The Housing Industry Association has claimed that a big drop in new home sales in May shows that a sustained recovery in home building cannot rely entirely on first home buyer activity.

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