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    News Archive for August 2008

    Grip Guard Fordex marine grade non-slip flooring for wet areas

    Fordex safety flooring, available from Grip Guard Non Slip, has been designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where grip under foot is paramount to pedestrian safety.

    HB690 Privacy sliding door lock available from Halliday & Baillie

    The HB690 Privacy sliding door lock, available from Halliday & Baillie, has been designed for use on cavity sliders where privacy is required.

    Self-powered sensor faucets from KST Water-saving Facilities

    KST Water-saving Facilities provide self-power sensor faucet. It can be installed with a self-powered hydrogenerator and adopts self-generating power system to replace the battery.

    Meridian’s G-series of CD, DVD and one-box G92 system from Len Wallis Audio

    Meridian have introduced the new updated G-series of CD, DVD and one-box G92 system, which is available from Len Wallis Audio.

    Natural limestone available from Limestone Quarries Australia

    The natural limestone, available from Limestone Quarries Australia, has many applications and patterns that can be used to produce an innovative and individual theme.

    IRI 4030 thermal imager available from Maintenance Systems Consolidated

    The IRI 4030, available from Maintenance Systems Consolidated, is a dual temperature range thermal imager.

    Miglas release door range with concealed hinges

    Miglas have introduced the concealed door hinge range into the Australian market. It is suitable for architects searching for clear lines.

    Duratherm series of decorative paving from MPS Paving Systems Australia

    MPS Paving Systems Australia have introduced the DuraTherm series of decorating paving. Vic Roads, as an introduction to DuraTherm, chose a heavy trafficked highway that incorporated both asphalt and concrete substrates.

    Mulford Plastics announces restructuring of commercial operations

    Arnold Mouw, COO of Mulford Plastics, has announced a restructure in their commercial operations to create focus on new market development activities and engineering products.

    Reflective roller blinds available from Reflective Blinds

    Reflective Blinds provide roller blinds.

    Reln Plastics introduce Slimline 2100 water tank

    Reln Plastics have introduced the recyclable Reln Slimline 2100 Water Tank. This water tank has a light and strong construction with features that will endear to both the practically minded householder and the conservation aware consumer wanting to save money on water bills, while benefiting the environment.

    Environ 1000/1500 tennis lighting from SES Lighting

    SES Lighting’s Environ 1000/1500 tennis lighting is designed for low mounting heights up to 8m.

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