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    News Archive for February 2008

    Design Improvements to Hideaway Bins by Kitchen King

    Hideaway and Hideaway Deluxe bins by Kitchen King have been improved.

    Glass doors and window designs from AE Harradence & Company

    AE Harradence & Company offers a wide range of glass doors and window designs.

    Drain cleaning services from AEM Plumbing

    AEM Plumbing offers an extensive range of drain cleaning services across the country, including elimination of specific kinds of drain block ups.

    Variety of fasteners and sealants from Aerobolt

    Aerobolt offers a wide range of sealant Adhesives.

    Maintenance and repair services from All-Industrial Abseilers

    All-Industrial Abseilers provides a variety of services ranging from safety systems, window cleaning, painting, maintenance and repair services, cleaning and building inspections.

    Juicers, freezers and chaffing dishes offered by Allquip-catering equipment specialist

    Allquip-catering equipment specialist is located in St. Peters with a large warehouse showroom. Allquip-catering equipment specialist extends a extensive range of products in various categories like art, bakery equipment, benches, blenders, cake covers , cheese grater, dish washers, deep fryers, cook tops, mincers, sinks, toasters, trolleys, sushi bars, mixers, plate warmer, bar freezers, blast freezers, chairs, chicken rotisseries, cool rooms, freezer rooms, juicers, freezers, cold displays, to name a few.

    Appliance testing management solutions from Appliance Tagging Services

    Appliance Tagging Services are electrical contractors that specialises in providing electrical safety assessments, testing and reporting management systems in accordance with Australian safety standards.

    Tree care services from Arbor Centre

    Arbor Centre carries out tree transplantation services in order to protect and give additional care to the trees across the world.

    Design process offered by archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE

    archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE offers a 6 step design process to render quality architectural services to its customers.

    Asset Systems leading its way in providing quality spary polyurea products

    Asset Systems is leading its way in the production of spray polyurea products and installation methods.

    Cabinet doors supplied by Atlam Designer Laminates

    Atlam Designer Laminates is the distributor of Australis Cabinet doors.

    Concrete epoxy coating available from Auscraft Painting

    Auscraft Painting, a part of Auscraft Services Group or ASG provides a range of concrete epoxy coatings.

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