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    News Archive for December 2008

    Tilt Adapters from Avant Mini Loaders

    Avant Mini Loaders offers Avant tilt adapters designed for mounting between the mini loader and attachment.

    Backhoes from Avant Mini Loaders

    Avant Mini Loaders offers a range of backhoes designed as attachments for various models of mini loaders.

    New radiofrequency receiver and remote controls from LINAK Australia

    As an extension to their program of infrared controls, LINAK Australia have introduced a diverse range of radiofrequency controls. The receiver is a generic version and suitable for both HOMELINE and DESKLINE products. The receiver communicates with the control box through the LINBUS interface.

    LINAK Australia’s Technical Manager provides a report on MEDICA 2008 Hospital and Care exhibition

    LINAK Australia’s Technical Manager, Carsten Andersen, recently flew to Germany to attend a Hospital and Care exhibition, MEDICA 2008.

    Caterpillar C-Series Multi Terrain Loaders available from WesTrac

    The Caterpillar C-Series Multi Terrain Loaders, available from WesTrac, comes in three models. 277C, the smallest with a rated operating capacity of 1620kg, the 287C with a rated operating capacity of 1868kg, and the largest, the 297C with a rated operating capacity of 2069kg.

    Tac-Pave tactile systems and stainless steel studs from Tactile Australia

    Tactile Australia provide installation services. They specialise in the installation of Tac-Pave tactile systems. Tactile Australia have been installing these Tac-Pave tactile systems since 2002. These tactile systems comply with industry safety standards and specifications. Tac-Pave tactile systems, provided by Tactile Australia, include thin tiles and can be moulded easily. These tactile systems can be moulded onto a diverse range of pavers including spray seal, asphalt, brick and concrete pavers.

    Cabinet handles and knobs from Bauer's Hardware Collection

    Bauer's Hardware Collection offer a range of cabinet handles from Castella, Vinco, Larmanjo, Barchie and Kethy brands. Cabinet handles are available in square style, arch style, round style, heritage style and retro style models.

    Roof and tile ventilators from Eco Cell Home Insulation

    During summer season, extreme heat can lead to heat build up inside the roofing cavities. During winter months, this heat would then condense and result in wood rotting and other problems. To help solve these problems, Eco Cell Home Insulation provide roof ventilation solution to minimise such temperature build-up inside the roofs. Through proper roof ventilation, customers can also adhere to good construction and maintenance practices.

    Custom made sculpture and themed art from Cloned Art

    Cloned Art specialise in customised sculpture and themed art designs. Custom made sculptures and models are offered by Cloned Art for a wide range of applications.

    Suspended Signs from Vista System International

    Vista System International is a pioneer and world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) with an exclusive Australian distribution centre located in Sydney, NSW.

    Timber jointing products from Pryda Australia

    Pryda Australia has developed tools to enhance the quality of timber jointing products. Timber jointing products are used for many applications in both domestic and commercial buildings.

    Residential and commercial lighting solutions from Innovative Light Systems

    Innovative Light Systems specialise in lighting concepts and provide a wide range of lights for residential and commercial sectors. Innovative Light Systems offer lighting products that include LED strip lights, Neon LED rope lights, function lighting, landscape lighting, architectural lighting systems, LED and Neon shop signs, LED recessed wall lights, floor lights and stair lights.

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