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    News Archive for April 2007

    Andrew S Warn - ‘Saving’ poor quality photographs

    A good photograph is not taken by a digital camera, it is taken by the eye and the skills of the user.

    Surface treatment products

    The Vitreflon range of surface treatment products is designed to provide durability against the elements.

    New Kubota diesel engine powered high pressure water blaster saves fuel

    A new Kubota diesel engine powered high pressure water blaster is claimed to significantly cut fuel consumption.

    New Cora Bike Rack's online shop for bicycle parking products

    Cora Bike Rack's new website allows visitors to generate on the spot quotes, place orders and make online payments.

    Philips Lighting introduces fluorescent lamp for hospital use

    Philips Lighting has developed a fluorescent lamp optimally tuned to support medical staff at visual diagnosis and at medical tasks that require good colour discrimination.

    Electronic locking for aged care from Safeport Security Solutions

    Safeport Security Solutions has released LA5-3 proximity lock, specifically designed for aged care properties and Australian conditions.

    Supertuft on protection and wet cleaning of carpets

    Cleaning: Regular cleaning with a good vacuum cleaner is required to remove surface dust and prevent undue build up of material that could harm the carpet.

    Grip Guard Non Slip unveils non-slip floor treatment

    Grip Guard Non Slip operators offer all their clients regular testing of all floor surfaces to ensure that the co-efficient of friction (degree of slip resistance) is at a safe level.

    H and L Office Furniture on wrist rests

    H and L Office Furniture on wrist rests: There are some things we just do not appreciate the importance of.

    Flowcrete flooring for various projects in Macau

    10 casino-cum-hotel complexes are scheduled to be built and opened between now and 2009 in Macau. International flooring company Flowcrete is working with architects and developers to ensure that all these projects are developed to high standards,

    Maintenance of Supertuft’s carpets

    Supertuft’s carpet is guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship provided that it is used and maintained according to the terms outlined in the detailed brochure titled: Carpet maintenance and warranty for our products.

    Tilling Timber provides Lustre pre-finished lining boards

    Lustre lining boards are pre-finished with four coats of satin UV-cured polyurethane so they require no treating or coating on-site.

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