At Methven our vision is to create amazing water experiences that don’t cost the earth. We are working within the standards development process to foster innovation towards water conservation without compromising the user experience.

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Living its cause to create amazing water experiences that don’t cost the earth, Methven has a selection of Satinjet® showers that already qualify for the new Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) 4-star, 7.5 litres per minute comfort rating.

To achieve this new (WELS) 4-star comfort rating, showers must operate at flow rates of 7.5 litres of water per minute or less – yet still deliver superior performance and comfort. WELS recently expanded their normal water flow rate test to also include spray force and coverage to validate a shower’s comfort. Showers that pass these new testing standards will be identified by a new 4-star label design.

Methven Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Market; Troy Mortleman said this new classification provides customers additional confidence when buying showers.

“Our patented Satinjet® showers naturally lend themselves to this new comfort rating as they have been meticulously designed to achieve the best possible shower experience, whilst being conscious of how we use nature’s most precious resource. Said Mr. Mortleman

“And the re-classification of these showers is truly a testament to the design and engineering expertise of our award-winning New Zealand Team.”

A selection of Methven’s Satinjet® shower collections have been recognised for their superior performance and have earned this new rating. This rating provides consumers with more information and confidence than they’ve had to date when purchasing a shower. The experience only feels better knowing it also saves resources without sacrificing experience.

In 2017 Methven plans to further expand the number of 4-star showers in their range as they continue their commitment to offering amazing showers which don’t cost the earth.

Methven Satinjet® showers use patented twin-jet technology to create over 300,000 droplets of water per second. The result is a fully immersive shower experience which only your skin can truly understand. Visit to learn more.

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